The Team

Service excellence

Our comprehensive expert services cover the fields of shipping, clearing and logistics, with a strong international network to further bolster our operations. We provide a proximity service combined with significant local and international capacity.

Our aim is to supply simple, yet innovative, logistics solutions to meet even the most complex requirements. Our experts provide clients with up to speed updates on their shipments. Our team of logistics professionals work 24/7 to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Blue Ark’s excellence is built upon our strong relationships with all the relevant networks in Ghana’s logistics landscape. We insure timely delivery through our negotiation skills in the field, and are sure to engage with new points of contact whenever any staffing changes occur in the public or private sector.

We follow all customs regulations strictly and therefore have a good relationship with all the relevant authorities. Clients appreciate that we are well networked, and value our honesty, reliability, and constant updates throughout the process.

We cherish our clients, and we understand that delivering to you on time means you can deliver to your customers on time. We pull out all the stops to make that happen.

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Sibyl Sackey

Business Development Manager

Ms. Sackey provides leadership for the company by being at the forefront of driving new business and relationships. With close to a decade of experience working in freight management, logistics and maritime services, she has garnered requisite skills and expertise needed to support the growth of the business. She maintains and develop relationships with new and existing clients in the local market, whiles driving the business for maximum utilization of existing resources.

Ms. Sackey holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and has participated in several specialized training courses over the years.

Margaret Danso

Operations Manager

With over 25 years of experience working in the shipping industry, Ms. Danso brings on board extensive skills, knowledge and insights in managing the operations of the firm. She oversees the firm’s day to day operations and financial management, including billing and invoicing, ensuring that they are carried out in accordance with company requirements and at the same time with relevant regulations and guidelines.

Ms. Danso holds several certifications in customs proficiency. 

Selwyn Sackey

Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. Sackey is a graduate of the University of Ghana where he studied Information and Communication Studies. His passion for delivering top notch customer service to clients across various sectors is unmatched, having worked with leading brands in the service industry within the last 5 years. He leads the client service team at Blue Ark, helping to deliver exceptional turnaround time in meeting client requests, carrying out inspections and assessing work performed to ensuring value for money and customer satisfaction for the business.